War: Biden Vows To Defend US Allies Philippines And Japan From Chinese Attacks

Adoga Stephen By Adoga Stephen - Editor-In-Chief
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President Joe Biden of the United States has promised to protect the Philippines from any attacks in the South China Sea.

This commitment was made during the first joint summit with Manila and Tokyo, as tensions with Beijing continue to rise.

Biden emphasized his unwavering defense commitments to Japan and the Philippines during a meeting with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the White House.

The summit was held in response to ongoing clashes between Chinese and Philippine vessels in the disputed waters, sparking concerns about a potential larger conflict.

Biden’s assurance came after a bilateral meeting with Kishida, where their alliance was strengthened, prompting strong criticism from the Chinese government.

“Any attack on Philippine aircraft, vessels, or armed forces in the South China Sea would invoke our mutual defense treaty,” said Biden.

The US president made a similar promise when he met the Philippine president at the White House last year.

China claims practically the entire South China Sea, brushing aside opposing claims from many Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines.

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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