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Allubtimes - An award winning innovative news media company.

Allubtimes is an international organization charged with the civic obligation of bringing together dialogues about politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and health, as well as fact-based reporting of news events from across the world. Founded in 2020 as Allubnews, Allub Times currently has a team of ten commissioned writers and a plethora of Volunteers from Africa and the United Arab Emirates, its head office.

Our Vision

Our focus is to be one of the most source after news media provider in the world with unbiased journalism

Our Mission

To accurately and passionately deliver deliver journalism that add values to the public in an innovative way

Who We Are

We are owned and operated by Allubareaka Business Empire LTD, and we have some remarkably interesting siblings; Allubmarket, Allubdesign, Property Cores.

What We Stand For

As an online news media, Allubtimes is committed to presenting accurate and fact-based information while protecting the interests of the public.

Join us on a daily news headlines reviews, where we rub minds together with our audience on the pressing matters in our society, premium tips and updates from experts in the industry.

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At Allubtimes, quality and originality are very paramount to us, which means you cannot publish directly on Allubtimes unless you are a member of our editorial team.

However, you can apply as a contributor if you have original content to share to our audience, in which our editors will review your application before considering your publication on our platforms.

Meanwhile, marketers or businesses can contact our sales team for sponsored postings. For further information, please send an email to or

If you have any original news, tips, or very fantastic, intriguing items that you’ve found online or developed yourself that you believe has a high probability of becoming viral and being shared by others, please send us an email as well.

We have several extremely intriguing platforms for you if you are a SME, large organization, or agency looking to execute a modest or substantial advertising campaign. You can find more information here.