Thiago Silva To Leave Chelsea After Four Years

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Thiago Silva has confirmed that he will depart from Chelsea at the conclusion of the season. The 39-year-old defender has played in 151 matches since arriving on a free transfer in 2020.

During his time at Stamford Bridge, he has achieved success by winning the UEFA Champions League, Club World Cup, and UEFA Super Cup.

“Chelsea means a lot to me,” he said in a message on social media.

“I came here with the intention of only staying for a year, and it ended up being four years. Not just for me but for my family, too.

“My sons play for Chelsea, so it’s a source of great pride to be a part of the Chelsea family – literally because my sons are here. I hope they can continue their careers here at this victorious club that many players wish to be part of.

“I think in everything I did here over the four years, I always gave my all. But, unfortunately, everything has a start, a middle, and an end. That doesn’t mean that this is a definitive end. I hope to leave the door open so that in the near future I can return, albeit in another role here.”

Former Brazil international Silva signed a one-year contract with Chelsea after playing eight seasons with Paris Saint-Germain.

Since joining Chelsea, Silva has signed multiple contract extensions and has played in 25 Premier League games this season under head coach Mauricio Pochettino.

“It is already hard saying goodbye in the most normal of circumstances but when there is a mutual love, it’s even harder,” added Silva.

“The way in which I came to the club, with the support of the club, I got to the club as a leader even though I didn’t feel like it having arrived as the new guy. It’s always difficult to integrate but bit by bit I became part of the group and [former manager Frank] Lampard played a big part in that. I am grateful to him for that.

“[It’s been a] dream, definitely a dream. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could achieve such great things and win one of the best professional titles, the Champions League, at one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

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