Kanye West Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Assault During Autograph Request

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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American singer Kanye West is facing legal action over allegations of assault and battery brought forth by a fan seeking an autograph.

According to TMZ, who reported that the incident occurred in 2022 at DTLA.

The autograph seeker claimed that after requesting an apology from the singer, Kanye responded with a dismissive “Apology for what?” before allegedly assaulting him multiple times, resulting in severe injuries.

During the altercation, the individual asserted that one of Kanye’s companions attempted to intervene, but Kanye reportedly rebuffed them with a directive to “go to the house and get my kids.”

The fan further claimed that Kanye issued a threat, declaring, “I’m going to make a fucking example of you,” and proceeded to physically strike him in the face.

The plaintiff is pursuing damages, citing emotional distress stemming from the alleged assault.

Additionally, his wife is partaking in the legal action, suing Kanye West for a loss of consortium, contending that she suffered a loss of her husband’s companionship due to the incident.

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By Timileyin Abdulsalam Entertainment Reporter
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