Music To Me Is A Passion Not A Career – Yemi Alade

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Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has emphasized that, for her, music is a passion rather than a career.

The singer, who is set to perform at the opening ceremony of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 in Ivory Coast on Saturday, said this In the latest episode of the Tea With Tay podcast.

Alade noted that, if given the choice years ago, she wouldn’t have selected music as a career path. She expressed that music was always a passion, and she was curious to see where it would lead her.

Alade clarified that she never felt the need to abandon everything else in her life to solely focus on music.

She stated, “I loved the idea of it [music], but I did not want it to be a career. I did not see it as a career. It was a big hobby I was very invested in, but not a career.”

Reflecting on her mindset over a decade ago, Alade continued, “If you had asked me 11/12 years ago if I wanted to be a musician, I would not pick that as a career choice. I still wouldn’t do it. As much as I was into a lot of music-related stuff, I just believed that this hobby I would do something with it, but I’m going to continue with my academics like my parents want me to. I’m certain I’m going to get a job if music didn’t work out.”

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