Jasmine Okafor Breaks Silence On Relationship With Mr Ibu

Jasmine recounted how she met the actor and emphasized his role as a father figure in her life in a video circulating online.

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Jasmine Okafor has finally broken her silence regarding her connection with the ailing actor, John Okafor, widely recognized as Mr. Ibu.

There were widespread reports alleging that Jasmine, along with Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel Onyeabuchi, were apprehended in Lagos under suspicion of defrauding the actor of N55 million.

In a video circulating online, Jasmine recounted how she met the actor and emphasized his role as a father figure in her life.

Jasmine said, “I made a decision not to discuss this matter until Mr Ibu recovered, and thankfully, he has been discharged and is now recuperating.” She continued, “Much has unfolded, and I feel it’s necessary to shed more light on how I became involved and how things reached this point.”

She revealed that, “My father passed away many years ago; he served in the Nigerian army and shared a close friendship with Mr Ibu, who subsequently assumed a paternal role in my life. After my father’s demise, Mr Ibu stepped in as a father figure.” She went on to explain her journey, stating, “In 2018, I left the country in search of better opportunities and eventually settled in Cyprus to pursue my legal studies.”

She further disclosed, “By 2020, Mr Ibu began asking for financial assistance from me through messaging, which came as a surprise considering his previous success in his career. He later disclosed his illness and being in Abuja, while his wife remained in Lagos. Upon my request to speak with her, she revealed that Mr Ibu had been absent from home for over two years.”

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