Big Brother Naija Star Venita Dispels Dating Rumors With Adekunle

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Big Brother Naija star Venita has clarified her relationship with former housemate Adekunle.

She spoke up during a guest appearance on Tacha’s ‘The Big Friday Show’, Venita explicitly mentioned that she and Adekunle are not in a romantic relationship. She elaborated on the differences in their respective journeys and the distinct paths they are currently pursuing.

Emphasizing her focus on her career in the entertainment sector, Venita acknowledged Adekunle’s journey and clarified that, contrary to reports, they are not romantically involved.

In the interview, she stated, “He’s fine. He’s okay. But he is walking his path. His journey and my journey are completely different.” Venita pointed out the age difference, highlighting her wealth of life experience and how it has provided her with a clearer direction.

“I’m significantly older, so I have more experience in life. So I know a bit more about the direction I want to go in. Also, this is my field of work. His own field of work would probably dabble into this one and cross others. But I’m fine. He’s cool and walking gracefully in his own lane. We are not dating, and that’s how it is,” Venita clarified during the interview.

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