Singer Spyro Defends Participation In Church Christmas Carol Event

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Afropop artist Spyro has addressed criticism arising from his participation in a church Christmas carol event, where he shared the stage with Pastor Bolaji Idowu of the Harvesters International Christian Centre.

The online backlash stemmed from concerns about a secular musician performing in a church setting, prompting disapproval from various Nigerians.

In response, Spyro defended his involvement, asserting his humanity, Christian beliefs, and the right to partake in church activities.

He emphasised his longstanding membership at Harvesters, spanning over seven years, and active service in two church departments.

Spyro clarified that the circulated video showcased a drama performance during the church’s free-to-all annual carol service called Fantasia. Despite his celebrity status, he underlined his genuine commitment to Christianity and participation in a bona fide church.

However, Spyro underscored that being a celebrity does not negate his humanity, affirming his equal capacity to serve God alongside other church members.

The artist gained recognition with the release of the popular song ‘Who Is Your Guy’ in November 2022.

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