Spyro Reveals Effect Of Fireboy, Oxlade’s Breakthrough On Him

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Spyro has revealed that he was pained that his colleagues, Fireboy DML and Oxlade, rose to stardom before him.

The Nigerian singer opened up on the latest episode of the ‘Tea With Tay’ podcast, where he recounted the deep-seated pain he felt when realizing that some of his junior counterparts in the music industry had gained more recognition than him, despite his investment in promoting his music on blogs.

Spyro said, “I paid for my song to be on NotJustOkay, which was a significant platform back then. Once you hear their voice tag on a song, the song has blown. So, I thought that [I would blow].”

Expressing his astonishment at Fireboy’s success, Spyro remarked, “So when Fireboy blew up, I was like, ‘Eh! Fireboy blew before me? God, I’m still here…’ And during those times, God was teaching me that it’s not about my talent but about his grace.”

He continued by sharing a similar experience with Oxlade, saying, “Oxlade too. I mean, before Oxlade blew up, it was me… Eh God! Oxlade was at my show in 2018. I also brought Davido and Mayorkun for a song. I had a collaboration with Davido and Mayorkun in 2018, thinking that the song would elevate me.”

Spyro elaborated on his efforts to support Oxlade, stating, “I would post Oxlade on my social media pages and encourage fans to watch out for him. And he would come to my DM to appreciate me. Then he just blew up before me. I was like, ‘God, what is going on?’”

Describing the impact of the situation, Spyro admitted, “It was Oxlade and Fireboy’s success that affected me the most. Not to say it hurt, but it triggered me. I am happy that they succeeded when they did, but these are people I was in the industry before. I was like, ‘God, what is going on?’ So, it was incredibly painful for me. It was frustrating. I would cry. I would wrestle with God.”

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