UK Ban On Foreign Students Bringing Dependents Takes Effect

Adoga Stephen By Adoga Stephen - Editor-In-Chief
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The United Kingdom has started implementing a policy that prevents international students from bringing their dependents with them when they come to study.

The UK Home Office has made it clear that only postgraduate research or government-sponsored scholarship students will be allowed to bring their dependents.

“We are fully committed to achieving a significant reduction in migration. As of today, newly arriving international students will no longer have the option to bring family members to the UK, except for postgraduate research or government-funded scholarship students who will be exempt,” the Home Office stated.

In May 2023, the kingdom implemented a law to prohibit Nigerian students and other students studying in the UK from bringing their families as dependents, except in certain situations.

The action is in line with the UK government’s goal to reduce immigration, which is currently at approximately one million.

According to the new rule, international students will no longer be able to switch from student visas to work visas before finishing their studies.

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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