Tems Gives Reason For Annual Wardrobe Sales

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Singer Tems recently shared insights into the rationale behind her annual wardrobe sales, which witnessed a complete sell-out of clothing and accessories in the latest event.

In an interview with Cool FM, the “Damages” singer disclosed that her inclination towards shopping and the need to declutter her wardrobe are the driving forces behind these sales, with all proceeds dedicated to charitable endeavours.

Tems initiated the wardrobe sale last year, initially as a means to create additional space. However, it has now evolved into an annual tradition.

During the interview, she articulated, “I’ve been planning for this sale where every year I sell out my closet, both worn and unworn, tagged and untagged, all my bags, all my glasses, all my boots, all my shoes. I just cleanse myself of everything I’ve ever bought that year, and I do it annually.”

Acknowledging her shopaholic tendencies, she expressed a conscious effort to address the issue.

Moreover, Tems revealed her collaboration with the organization WARIF, which advocates for women and children affected by domestic violence, during her sales.

She saw this collaboration as an opportunity not only to support the organization but also to raise awareness about their crucial goals. “I thought this sale would kill two birds with one stone, solving my shopaholic problems and also bringing awareness to organizations that need that spotlight,” she explained.

Renowned for her evolving fashion sense and adorned in high-end designer labels on Instagram, Tems has emerged as a notable figure in the fashion world. Her appearance at the Oscars this year garnered attention and sparked opinions from notable figures, including Piers Morgan and Jarrett Bellini.

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