My Husband Had 87 Girlfriends, Adetoun Onajobi Reveals

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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In an unusual turn of events, human rights activist Adetoun Onajobi has shared a remarkable revelation about her husband’s past, stating that when they first met, he had 87 girlfriends.

She made this revelation. In a recent interview on the WithChude podcast, Adetoun disclosed that some of these women actively tried to sabotage her marriage, with one even being described as “a pure mermaid” who frequently appeared to her husband.

To address her husband’s promiscuous lifestyle and salvage their marriage, Adetoun engaged in both physical and spiritual battles. She shared, “My husband had 87 girlfriends that he was sleeping with. Baba Ashabi (her husband) would tell me that… Let me even shock you, he would tell me that he is looking for a job for them. I said, ‘You who has no job, where is your recruitment center? Where are you looking for a job for them? You have left Lagos, you are the one looking for a job for them. Baba Ashabi!'”

Adetoun faced numerous challenges, including encounters with women seeking revenge or claiming long-term relationships with her husband.

Despite the difficulties, she emphasized her commitment to the marriage and her belief in her husband’s potential for change.

Adetoun recounted the spiritual battles she fought, highlighting the transformative journey both she and her husband underwent to overcome these challenges.

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By Timileyin Abdulsalam Entertainment Reporter
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