‘I Will Teach You A Lesson’ – Blessing CEO Vows To Deal With Prankster

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Popular influencer and relationship expert Blessing CEO has taken to social media to share her reaction after falling victim to a prank by content creators.

In a video posted on Instagram, individuals dressed as police officers in a police van pranked the relationship therapist by pulling her out of her car while she was on her way to the airport, faking an arrest on her.

Blessing was visibly upset, shedding tears inside the police van.

Addressing the prank, Blessing CEO expressed her displeasure in a post on her official Instagram profile, denouncing the act as harassment. She dsenta message to the prankster, warning that he would be the first person to face consequences for his prank.

Venting her frustration, Blessing said, “Taking content creation to the extreme is harassment. How dare you, this silly boy. You will be the first person I will teach a lesson with this your prank drama.”

“Ask Onyeze how it ended up after his own drama. Just wait for me; you will pay for damages and still face the law. I’ll use your case as an example, especially since you want to involve the police in your drama. When I am done with you legally, I’ll bring the matter to the public through the media, and I’ll even resort to mystical means if necessary.”

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By Timileyin Abdulsalam Entertainment Reporter
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