Hilda Baci Reveals The Type Of Man She Wants

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Famous chef and former Guinness book of record holder Hilda Baci has made it clear that she prefers a life partner without culinary skills, going against the common notion that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Baci firmly states, “I don’t want a man that knows how to cook.”

Delving into her perspective, the celebrated chef emphasises her passion for being the culinary maestro in her relationship, asserting her desire to take charge of the kitchen without any need for her partner to be skilled in that area.

Baci goes on to express her enthusiasm for cooking, noting her willingness to whip up a midnight meal for her significant other. With a touch of humour, she adds that she’d even “fly over” to the kitchen if her man demanded a late-night feast.

For Hilda Baci, cooking is more than a skill; it’s a personal expression of affection. She reveals that preparing meals is her unique way of showing care, often sending food to those she cares about. Cooking, in her view, transcends mere sustenance; it’s her love language.

Adding an interesting twist to her culinary love story, Baci discloses that despite her preference for a non-cooking partner, the key to winning her heart lies in the simple act of ordering food. She emphatically states that a man who is unhesitant about ordering food for her is the one who holds the secret to capturing her affection.

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