Emeka Ike’s Son Reveals Strained Relationship, Alleges Father’s Curses on Music Career

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Michael, the son of Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, has alleged that his father cursed his musical aspirations, expressing that he would not succeed or meet with Don Jazzy.

The conversation was in a video interview, which has been gaining traction on the internet, featuring Michael, who sat beside his mother as he narrated the harsh remarks made by his father during their strained relationship.

Discussing his father in the interview, Michael Ike provided insights into their conversations and recounted various instances, saying, “He (father) mentioned whether he wants to harm my siblings as if it’s only him that is alive. Let everyone harm themselves.”

“He (father) asserted that he has friends who are my age globally. I was like, is that supposed to affect me? The following morning, I received a 10-minute voice note. This isn’t the first time he has sent me a voice note insulting my life.”

“He (father) stated, ‘You’re pursuing music; you’ll never prosper. I’ll encounter you on the roadside, and I’ll spit on you. Don Jazzy will never acknowledge you.'”

However, Michael Ike also disclosed several other statements he believes were directed at him by his father during the exclusive interview, and a video of this conversation, along with reactions to his revelations, has been attached.

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