Davido Hails Grammys For Introducing Best African Music Performance Category

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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As the 2024 Grammy Awards draw near, Davido reflects on the introduction of the Best African Music Performance category at the event, describing it as a manifestation of divine timing.

In a recent interview with France 24, the singer, who boasts nominations in three categories, including Best Global Music Performance, Best Global Music Album, and Best African Music Performance, expressed his perspective on the significance of this addition.

When asked about the timeliness of the new category, Davido firmly asserted that it aligns perfectly with “God’s timing.” Despite acknowledging the longstanding influence of African music and culture, Davido emphasized that they are only now beginning to receive global recognition.

Responding to the host’s question about the timeliness of the category’s introduction, Davido stressed the importance of patience and divine timing, indicating that while recognition for African music may have been deserved earlier, all things unfold in their own time.

Expressing his delight in the establishment of the new category, Davido underscored its significance for both himself and his fellow nominees. He remarked on the beauty of African artists being able to create music from their homeland and potentially win a Grammy, describing it as an incredible phenomenon.

Davido concluded by reiterating his belief in the notion that “God’s timing is the best,” affirming that the addition of the category is not belated but rather a timely development in the recognition of African musical talent on the global stage.

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