Bellingham Named Best Youth U-20 Player 2023

Femi Onasanya By Femi Onasanya - Sports Reporter
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Jude Bellingham, who finished second in the annual world ranking for three years running (Pedri won in 2021), was crowned the IFFHS’s 2023 World Best Youth (U20) Player, just like in 2022. Jude Bellingham defeated his friend Jamal Musiala in this competition.

Born in 2003, Jude Bellingham and Jamal Musiala are great buddies. Before Musiala moved to Germany, his birth country, these two gifted attacking midfielders initially shared the pitch with England’s young national teams.

While Bellingham is now the most well-known player at Real Madrid, following Borussia Dortmund, Musiala is currently at FC Bayern München and will also be crowned Germany’s best player of 2023.

Even though Bellingham and Musiala have different career paths, they are linked when it comes to major honours. Bellingham emerged victorious in 2023 with a substantial lead, and his move to Real Madrid propelled him to the summit of the world football rankings.

He was already a driving force for Dortmund and a leader for England at the age of 20, and he is currently the main man at Real Madrid, where he is not just a playmaker and a leader but also a goal scorer! Gavi placed fourth on the podium in 2022.

The younger generation, including Yamal, Zaïre-Emery, and Garnacho, is prepared for the future behind them.

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