‘Being Famous Is A Punishment’ – Rapper Blaqbonez

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Rapper Emeka Akumefule, widely known as Blaqbonez, expressed his perspective that fame is akin to punishment for musicians.

In a recent appearance on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast hosted by Joey Akan, Blaqbonez, who released the album “Emeka Must Shine” in October, remarked that there are individuals with greater wealth who lead more enjoyable lives than those in the public eye.

According to him, fame comes with challenges that wealthy but less-known individuals may not face.

Blaqbonez elaborated on this, stating, “Normal people can have all the money in the world and drive a way bigger car than I would drive. But in traffic, everybody will leave them and focus on me. Why? Now, if I walk into a restaurant, everybody is on me. I can’t even do those basic things.”

He highlighted the lack of anonymity and the constant attention, making it challenging for him to engage in ordinary activities without being recognized.

Blaqbonez explained that despite having fame, individuals with significantly more wealth can enjoy a simpler life without the scrutiny that comes with public attention.

Expressing his frustration, Blaqbonez mentioned, “I can’t even go out in Nigeria to have actual fun. I must be Blaqbonez. It feels like a crazy punishment.”

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