UCH Denies Hiding Yoruba Nation Agitators

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The University College Hospital in Ibadan has denied claims that it is being used as a storage place for weapons by the Yoruba Nation protesters.

The hospital’s Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Funmi Adetuyibi, released a statement in Ibadan on Tuesday emphasizing the hospital’s dedication to providing healthcare and stating that it does not participate in any illegal activities.

Last Saturday, Yoruba Nation protesters, dressed in military attire and carrying guns, entered the Oyo State Government Secretariat in Agodi, Ibadan.

Reports indicate that they tried to raise their flag at the Oyo State House of Assembly.

Security agencies successfully stopped an attempt by agitators, leading to the arrest of 21 individuals.

A video showing the police arresting some of the agitators at UCH circulated on social media, sparking rumors that the suspects had weapons hidden on the hospital premises.

The hospital’s spokesperson clarified that six of the agitators managed to escape from the police by climbing over the fence of the North-West Campus Area of the hospital. However, they were quickly caught by internal security officials and handed over to the police.

She said, “Upon detection by our vigilant security personnel, the Chief Security Officer swiftly alerted the Yemetu Police Station, and the Yemetu Police Division promptly dispatched a detachment of personnel to arrest the situation.

“Upon the arrival of law enforcement agents, the individuals in question hastily discarded and left behind their camouflage attire, berets, and ammunition, and fled the scene. Apparently, two suspects were apprehended, while four escaped arrest.”

The spokesperson for UCH emphasized that the hospital is dedicated to providing healthcare, conducting research, offering training, and delivering clinical services.

“We categorically distance ourselves from any insinuation that our premises were utilised for unlawful activities. UCH urges the public to exercise discretion and refrain from spreading baseless rumours that can tarnish the reputation of our esteemed institution.

“The management of the hospital wishes to reassure the public that operations within the hospital are running smoothly and without any interruption.”

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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