Tracy Edwin Reveals Best And Worst Social Media Experience

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Celebrities do not have it easy on social media, as they face both praise and criticism from netizens, the latter most of the time, especially from those who dislike them.

Nollywood actress Tracy Edwin has revealed some of her best and worst moments on social media.

In a conversation with Potpourri, she revealed, “My most challenging moment was when an anonymous account commented on my trending post, suggesting that I should get married and stop meddling with people’s husbands, labelling me a home wrecker. It was profoundly shocking.”

On a brighter note, Tracy shared what she considers her most positive experiences, highlighting her birthday as a particularly significant occasion.

She expressed, “My best moments are usually during my birthday, as numerous celebrities, both senior and junior colleagues, shower me with posts and heartfelt messages.”

Tracy Edwin embarked on her acting journey in 2009, securing her debut role in the movie ‘FIFA Agent,’ a continuation of the comedic films ‘Osuofia’ and ‘The World Cup,’ directed by Afam Okereke. Reflecting on her early career, she mentioned, “Auditioning alongside many others in Enugu, where merit was a significant factor for newcomers, posed initial challenges. Building self-confidence and boldness took time, but I persevered. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but so far, I am grateful for God’s faithfulness.”

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