Portable Secures Victory Against Charles Okocha In Celebrity Boxing Bout

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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In a thrilling celebrity boxing match that unfolded over four intense rounds, Nigerian street-pop artist Habeeb Okiki-Ola, popularly known as Portable, emerged victorious against Nollywood actor Charles Okocha on Wednesday. 

The match by Heritage Boxing Entertainment took place at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State, kicking off after 1 a.m. and lasting around 40 minutes.

This clash between the two public figures originated from alleged contractual disputes, with Portable claiming Okocha cheated him out of a substantial N40 million. The dispute escalated into a heated online feud, ultimately finding resolution in the boxing ring.

In the initial round, Portable took an early lead with a confident display, donning a blue pair of knickers and a matching armless top. He dominated the ring, showcasing control and precision with jabs aimed at Okocha’s body, who sported a red top and red shorts.

Round Two saw Okocha stage a comeback, deftly avoiding Portable’s blows and gaining ground. Despite being in a favourable position, Okocha persisted in accumulating points and even managed to bring Portable down, necessitating the referee’s intervention.

Round Three witnessed Portable’s strategic manoeuvring around the ring in an attempt to bounce back, while Okocha pursued him. Portable seized opportunities to counter the blows he had endured in the preceding round.

As Round Four unfolded, both celebrity boxers exhibited signs of fatigue. However, Portable, not to be underestimated, delivered direct punches that caught Okocha off guard.

When the referee called for Round Five to determine the ultimate winner, both fighters declined to continue, leading to Portable’s official declaration as the victor in this high-stakes celebrity boxing showdown.

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By Timileyin Abdulsalam Entertainment Reporter
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