“Plateau Killings Show Nigeria Has Lost Its Soul” — Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili
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Obiageli Ezekwesili, a former minister of education and World Bank executive, expressed her concern about the recent killings in Plateau state.

She believes that these incidents are clear evidence of the complete breakdown and collapse of the Nigerian state.

Ezekwesili shared her thoughts during an interview with Arise News on Thursday.

She said: “We have a Nigerian state that is in total collapse, where there is no consequence for people who are culpable for these heinous crimes.

“But one thing that people really agree on is that when things happen around religious seasons, then there is something to it. There is an underlying issue of religious intolerance that is going on there.

“There is also the point of the farmer-herder crisis that we know to be a problem that has been protracted. Frankly, it is a matter of contest for resources. Land as a resource has created room for competing demands.”

According to her, the killings in the northern state reflect a society that has lost its moral values. She referred to the situation as an inevitable tragedy that was both anticipated and occurred.

“What is going on in the plateau state is the description of what happens in a society that has lost its soul. More than two hundred of our fellow citizens died for nothing but the fact that the Nigerian state has continued to play with the lives of our fellow citizens. This is a curse upon our land, and we need to end it.

“Today, accountability for what has happened in the plateau state rests squarely on the government that is in office. So, what it means is that when a government takes over, it needs to have read all of what it refers to as the many reports that have been submitted. The Plateau state situation is one that is really offensive to the spirit that it happened again.

“It is almost like an accident that was announcing itself and yet happened and happened in a gruesome manner where we have lost hundreds of our citizens and all because there has been a consequence for the killings of the people in the villages of Plateau state.

“They almost sit like dogs just waiting to be slaughtered, and the government just carries on with visits and sometimes, no visits at all until the next episode occurs.”

She also urged Nigerian citizens to demand accountability from the government. She emphasized that human capital is more valuable than natural resources, which the government appears to prioritize.

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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