Plateau CAN Chairman Shuns Army Invitation, Insists Soldiers Are Killing Indigenes

Rev Daluk had accused the Nigerian military of overseeing the killings of Christians and the destruction of properties in the Mangu LGA.

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The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, Rev Timothy Daluk, has stated that he will not retract his allegations against the troops involved in the crisis and that he will not attend any military invitations.

Rev Daluk, who is the Chairman of the CAN, was summoned by the Defence Headquarters due to his recent comments criticizing the military’s actions in the Mangu killings.

It should be noted that armed individuals carried out a fresh attack in the state, resulting in the deaths of at least 30 people in Kwahaslalek village in the Mangu LGA. Additionally, more than ten individuals were killed in Mangu town and surrounding areas, while the attackers also set fire to numerous houses on the same day.

Rev Daluk had accused the Nigerian military of overseeing the killings of Christians and the destruction of properties in the Mangu LGA.

In the viral video, Rev Daluk said, “I am here to report the situation happening in the Mangu Local Government for the whole world to understand. What is happening in Mangu at this particular point in time, the military are the ones sending our people away for the militia to burn their houses.

“At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market, thereby leaving the Muslims to come and burn their houses.”

The DHQ announced on Thursday that they plan to meet with Rev Daluk regarding his negative comment about the military.

Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, stated that the DHQ is currently trying to contact the cleric to gather evidence to support his claims.

He said, “The DHQ is in the process of reaching out to him to come and substantiate the claims. It is not unusual for emotions to cloud people’s judgment when they have been confronted with very traumatising experiences.

“We would get to the bottom of his allegations after we have an audience with him. All the same, the military will continue to discharge its duties professionally and in line with best international standards, please.”

In response to the DHQ invitation, Rev Daluk stated to Punch that he would not retract the allegations made against the troops regarding the crisis.

He said, “We are not withdrawing our allegations. And I don’t see the reason to honour any invitation by the Defence Headquarters. They should be the ones to come down to Mangu and see for themselves. The evidence is there; graves are there.”

Taking about the allegations, he said, “Before my eye, a soldier shot dead one of my people. I called others and reported them. They said the soldier was a fake troop. Whether fake or what, they (the soldiers) are the ones responsible for differentiating.”

Daluk stated that once the situation became peaceful, his people would abide by the law and refrain from causing any disruptions.

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