NLC sends Christmas Message To Tinubu, Political Leaders

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has urged President Bola Tinubu and other political leaders to take advantage of the festive season to find innovative ways to alleviate the immense suffering experienced by Nigerians.

 In a Christmas message titled “AT CHRISTMAS: MAY OUR HOPE BE IN CHRIST,” NLC President Joe Ajaero emphasized the importance of implementing practical measures that yield tangible outcomes rather than relying solely on charitable donations.

The message emphasized that Nigerians are looking for effective government actions that bring about substantial results.

Ajaero urged Nigerians to “transcend our differences” and unite during this season, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ. He emphasised the importance of self-love and unity as a foundation for building a stronger nation.

“Nations are built when the people decide to stand together and work in unity and in love,” Ajaero said. “It is difficult to build the kind of nation we want if we continue seeing ourselves as different in any way or form.”

The message also criticised “unpatriotic elements” who have “hijacked our levers of governance” and “negated the interests and desires of our people.” Ajaero asked Nigerians to vow to create a “new nation” free of persecution and underdevelopment.

While bringing hope to those who have suffered, the NLC also sent a message to government authorities. “We urge those in Government to also allow the spirit of Christmas to lead them in all their policies and actions,” he stated. “Jesus served his followers selflessly, and we hope that our leaders at all levels will emulate this and serve Nigerians selflessly.”

Instead of burdening the people with “heavy burdens,” the NLC called for creative solutions that address the current suffering. “Creating effective platforms to enable the people unleash their robust energies for wealth creation is what the people are asking for,” the message stated.

It added, “As we in the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) wishes you all a Merry Christmas filled with love, joy, and the warmth of family and friends, we urge you to remember that in our collective action, there is hope so, let us aspire by whatsoever means possible to come together stretching forth our hands across the divides; North, South, East and West! It is our nation! We can build it!

“In this joyous celebration of Christmas, the Nigeria Labour Congress extends warm greetings and heartfelt wishes to all, especially our Christian brothers and sisters.

“In a year marked by challenges and uncertainties, we find solace and strength in the enduring spirit of hope, love, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“It is important that we must no matter the quantum of our trials continue to be buoyed by the belief that as a people working together, victory will come our way.

“May the spirit of Christmas bring peace to your hearts and inspire a renewed sense of hope for the year ahead.”

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