“Nigeria Now A Massive Killing Field” — Oby Ezekwesili Decries Insecurity In Nigeria

Adoga Stephen By Adoga Stephen - Editor-In-Chief
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Oby Ezekwesili, a former Education Minister, expressed her concern on Friday about the increasing number of killings happening in Nigeria.

She sadly noted that Nigeria has turned into a place where many innocent children, youth, women, and men are being killed and buried in mass graves.

The former minister highlighted that there is a fierce struggle for the future of Nigeria.

According to Ezekwesili: “There is a raging battle for the Soul of Nigeria, a country which has turned into a massive killing field and mass graves overrunning with the blood of innocent children, youth, women, and men brutally murdered, battered or abducted without any consequence to the criminals.

“Every Nigerian of goodwill – regardless of ethnicity, religion, economic status, and political persuasion – knows that the Nigeria we once knew is gone.

“The collective momentum must now swiftly gather to the tipping point for Nigerians to compel a legally mandated National Conversation that will fundamentally negotiate and determine the value we place on our lives and the values that will uphold, preserve, and dignify a New Nigeria and Nigerians.

“Throughout history, dead countries commenced their dying when human life ceased to have worth.

“This is the kind of time Nigeria find itself, but we can by a collective will confront the demons that have dwarfed the realization of our country’s giant potentials and change the course of our checkered history.”

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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