Labour Party To NLC: You Can’t Remove Abure

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The Labour Party leadership cautioned the Nigeria Labour Congress on Tuesday, advising them against attempting to take control of the political platform.

They stated that the NLC does not have the authority to remove Julius Abure and the National Working Committee as they recently claimed.

This response from the party came after the NLC Political Commission made a resolution during a stakeholders meeting in Abuja on Monday. In a communiqué issued after the meeting, the unionists declared the national convention that re-elected Abure and his NWC members invalid.

In order to address this situation, the stakeholders announced that the Congress would establish a transition committee to manage the party’s affairs until new officers are elected within three months.

The NLC decision to conduct a forensic audit of the LP bank accounts, as requested by Presidential Candidate Peter Obi due to corruption allegations, was discussed.

The party responded by stating that the NLC does not have the authority to remove its leadership.

The party’s National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, released a statement titled ‘NLC, cohorts lack powers to sack legitimate leadership of Labour Party’ to address this

 Ifoh criticized the stakeholders’ meeting as an illegal gathering of disgruntled former party members and non-card-carrying LP members.

He said, “The Political Commission of the NLC is a front for Comrade Joe Ajaero, which he has empowered for the purpose of his political ambition come 2027. The group is unknown to the Labour Party and as such lacks powers to convene a meeting of ‘stakeholders’ to deliberate, let alone take any decision which will have a binding effect on a legally constituted party leadership.

 “The group has been mandated by Ajaero to ensure that crisis in Labour Party festers ahead of the 2027 by presenting itself as a rallying ground for dissident former members of our party, who recently lost the leadership battle in the courts. We are also not unmindful of the political pact the leadership of the NLC has gone into with the current All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government to destabilize the opposition.

“This explains why in quick succession all their plots to hijack the party leadership failed. First, it was by illegal picketing of the party when that failed, it attempted to introduce and inaugurate a non existing Board of Trustees that also failed. Again, the attempted plot to take over the party using stakeholders meeting comprising former members, social media tigers and non-members will again fall like a pack of cards.

“It is pertinent to add that Nigerians are suffering under the harsh economic conditions of the current government. Workers and the downtrodden are at the receiving end. As we speak, there are unfair workers’ practices perpetuated by employers but the Nigerian Labour Congress has failed to take proactive roles in order to fight for the rights of workers. We want to remind Comrade Joe Ajaero that he has a lot of work to do for the Nigerian workers which he is abdicating to face politics. This is why we previously advised that he should first resign as NLC President if he wants to join politics.”

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