‘I Won’t Change’: Simi Fires Back Amid Criticisms Of Her Voice

Adoga Stephen By Adoga Stephen - Editor-In-Chief
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Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, also known as Simi, has stated that she will not alter her voice despite receiving criticism.

Recently, a fan suggested that she change her sound as it was perceived as monotonous.

In response to these comments, Simi released a statement on X platform, clarifying her decision to maintain her sound despite the negative feedback.

She said, “Regardless of what style or tempo of music I’m singing on, the first thing you’ll notice about my song is my voice. Not the beat. This is what the majority of people love the most about me – the piercing nature of my voice. So they love everything I sing on. Some people love my songs more than my voice because let’s face it, I’m a fantastic songwriter…but for them, my voice is too piercing sometimes and gets in the way. For some, because of how my voice stands out, it sounds like they’re hearing the same kind of music – even when they’re listening to me sing 5 different genres back to back. That’s why my features work for many of you (you probably didn’t even know that). The balance of someone else’s voice can distract you and then when you hear my voice again, you have space to love it. I know my voice. It is my superpower, but that power has its consequences. I accept it.”

“I cannot change my voice. Even if I could, I do not want to. This is why I insist that you take what you can, when you can and keep it moving – but do not insult me or all the hard work I do. Stop that sh*t! I’m too good at what I do for these ignorant takes.”

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By Adoga Stephen Editor-In-Chief
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