Howe Blames Crowd For Decision To Award PSG Controversial Penalty

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Eddie Howe has attributed the referees’ decision to award a controversial penalty against Newcastle to the intense pressure from Paris Saint-Germain’s fans.

Newcastle was leading 1-0 against PSG in injury time and was trying to hold on to a result that would have boosted their chances in the Champions League.

However, a penalty was given after the ball accidentally hit Tino Livramento’s hand off his chest, and Mbappe successfully converted it. Howe believes that the hostile atmosphere at the Parc des Princes was to blame, rather than the officials.

This outcome has severely damaged Newcastle’s hopes of progressing in the tournament. Borussia Dortmund has already secured qualification, and PSG only needs a draw against the German club to advance. To have any chance, the Magpies must defeat Milan and rely on Dortmund defeating PSG. If Howe’s team loses, they also risk finishing at the bottom of the group, which would result in their elimination from the Europa League and European competition altogether.

Howe was quizzed on the decision and said: “I’m still coming to terms with it. I feel really flat but at the same time really pleased with what the players gave today. Their commitment, execution… We rode our luck. We ran out of luck at the end. I didn’t think it was a penalty. What you don’t take into account with those replays is how quick the ball goes. It hits his chest first. If it hits his hands first, well it’s still not a penalty because he’s so close. But you can make more of a case. It’s not a penalty when it hits his chest first and then hits his hand which is low. I’m not allowed to sum it up. I can’t say my inner thoughts obviously [I’d get in trouble]. I thought the referee was having a good game up until this moment. He had been strong.”

After their recent setback, they will need to regroup and try again. There is still a slim chance for them to advance, but they must defeat Milan and keep their hopes alive. Before that crucial match, however, they have a challenging task ahead as they take on Manchester United in the Premier League this Saturday.

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