Crisis Rocks Nasarawa Hospitals After Mass Resignation Of Doctors

Adoga Stephen By Adoga Stephen - Editor-In-Chief
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Healthcare in Nasarawa State has been thrown into crisis after doctors in all 13 Local Government Areas of the state resigned from their jobs.

The mass action came after the doctors complained about the lack of promotions for eight years and the insufficient welfare package provided by the state government.

Dr. Adeleke, President of the National Association of Residents Doctors in Nasarawa State, spoke to reporters in Lafia on Tuesday, emphasizing the frustrations of doctors who have been pushing for better working conditions without success.

Despite assurances from Governor Abdullahi Sule to address their issues, such as promotions, hazard allowances, and salary adjustments, no concrete action has been taken.

Dr. Adeleke highlighted the discouraging impact of these challenges, particularly the significant difference in salaries between doctors employed by the state and those in federal institutions.

He urged the state government to promptly tackle these issues to prevent more resignations and ensure the people of Nasarawa State receive high-quality healthcare services.

Within the last three months, more than 50 medical doctors have quit their jobs with the Nasarawa state government, with over half of them citing poor working conditions as the main reason for their departure.

The consequences of this large number of resignations are already evident at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital in Lafia, where patients are facing long wait times due to a shortage of staff.

In response to the crisis, the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Gaza Gwamna, reassured that the state government had started implementing better benefits for doctors and was actively trying to fill vacant positions by creating new job opportunities.

He advised the doctors who are still working to remain patient while the government addresses their concerns.

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