Brazil Faces Exclusion From The 2026 World Cup After FIFA’s Warning

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Brazil has received a dire warning from FIFA about their involvement in the 2026 World Cup in Canada, America, and Mexico.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has been threatened by the world football regulatory body with the exclusion of its national teams and clubs from international competitions. The primary concern pertains to the CBF’s purported plan to step in and impose an immediate presidential election to succeed Ednaldo Rodrigues.

Rodrigues, 69, and all of his appointees were forced out of office earlier this month as a result of a Rio de Janeiro court decision. The judge pointed to anomalies in the 2022 election, and last Monday, Brazil’s two highest courts formally affirmed that ruling.

The chairman of Brazil’s highest sports court, Jose Perdiz, was also ordered by the Rio Court to step in and arrange fresh presidential elections within 30 working days. FIFA, however, prohibits outside and governmental intervention in its member associations.

And now, in a letter to a Brazilian football official, they have threatened to suspend the CBF should they disobey their orders to postpone the elections. ESPN and The Associated Press have obtained the paper, with FIFA receiving support from South American football governing body CONMEBOL.

FIFA and CONMEBOL would like to underline that no decision impacting CBF, including any elections or calls for elections, shall be made until such mission is completed,” the statement stated. In the event that this is not adhered to, FIFA will be forced to present the case to the appropriate body for review and a decision, which may involve a suspension.

We also want to emphasise that, in the event that CBF is ultimately suspended by the appropriate FIFA body, it will immediately forfeit all of its membership privileges until FIFA lifts the suspension. This is for the sake of maintaining good order. Additionally, throughout the suspension, CBF representatives and club teams would not be permitted to participate in any international competitions.”

Additionally, the paper states that any sporadic meddling in its member associations “may result in sanctions as stipulated in the FIFA Statutes, including a suspension, and this even if the member association in question was not at fault for the third-party influence.”

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FIFA’s Chief Members’ Association Officer Kenny Jean-Marie and CONMEBOL’s Deputy Secretary-General Monserrat Jiménez Garcia signed the letter. On January 8, both authorities plan to establish a commission in Brazil to further address the issue.

The events may ruin Brazil’s hopes of hosting the Women’s World Cup in 2027. The male team has participated in all 22 World Cup competitions and has set a record with five victories.

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