Blessing CEO Files Petition Against Prankster Over Mock Arrest

The staged arrest, captured on video, showed Blessing being forcefully taken into the van.

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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In a significant turn of events, relationship expert Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has lodged a formal complaint against the popular prankster Untouchable following a recent prank that involved a simulated arrest.

Untouchable orchestrated a prank where individuals dressed as police officers, driving a police van, intercepted Blessing as she was heading to the airport.

The staged arrest, captured on video, showed Blessing being forcefully taken into the van.

In a petition directed to the Lagos State Police Command, Blessing accused Untouchable and his team not only of subjecting her to a distressing prank but also of stealing her money during the ordeal.

She claimed that the prank resulted in injuries and posed a significant threat to her life.

Sharing the petition on her Instagram page, Blessing expressed her dissatisfaction with the extreme nature of the prank, emphasizing that there should be limits to such antics.

She applauded the Nigerian police for their cooperation and called for a thorough investigation to ensure justice is served in the matter.

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By Timileyin Abdulsalam Entertainment Reporter
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