Adult Film Star Phoenix Marie Files $80 Million Lawsuit Against P*Rnhub Owner

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An American adult film actress is taking legal action against the owners of P*rnhub, Aylo, and a director for allegedly forcing her to continue filming a scene after her co-star overdosed on set.

Melissa Hutchison, known as Phoenix Marie in the industry, claims that despite saving her co-star’s life during the traumatic incident in 2023, she was later blacklisted by the bosses. She is now suing director Danny Martin, Aylo, and others for $80 million.

Hutchison alleges that she was targeted in a smear campaign after the incident, causing her to lose lucrative brand deals with companies like Fleshlight.

According to the lawsuit, Danny D physically prevented Hutchison from leaving the set and pressured her to continue filming the scene, even though she repeatedly refused.

Hutchison also claims that Martin was slow to call for medical help and later tried to manipulate the situation by telling her to align their stories.

The distressing experience left Hutchison with anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction. She also accuses executives of trying to blame her for the overdose, falsely portraying her as a troubled mother who relied on drugs following the death of her daughter in 2019.

Hutchison’s legal filings suggest that the lithium involved in the incident belonged to Martin’s girlfriend, but Martin allegedly spread lies that Hutchison had poisoned and almost killed their co-star.

‘Instead of looking at facts, however, the porn conglomerate launched a coverup; executives made Hutchison a scapegoat for the life-threatening incident on one of their sets,’ Hutchison’s law firm, Kerr Simpson, said.

Hutchison claims that she turned down a $60,000 payment to keep quiet, and as a result, Aylo harmed her financially.

She says the company stopped booking her for shoots and events, removed her from videos on their websites, and isolated her from friends and colleagues who were afraid of retaliation from Aylo.

Aylo is a major player in the online industry, controlling about 90% of content production and distribution, giving them the power to harm actors easily, according to the lawsuit.

Hutchison believes that Aylo’s actions have cost her around $2 million so far, with potential losses in the tens of millions due to ongoing damage to her reputation and brand.

She is also dealing with PTSD from an assault by Danny D., which has had a significant impact on her personal and professional life.

Hutchison initially filed a lawsuit in Nevada, but it was moved to federal court due to jurisdictional issues at the defendants’ request.

The lawsuit originally asked for $30 million, but her lawyers are now planning to seek $80 million in damages, as reported by the Daily Beast.

“Melissa saved a girl’s life on set and was rewarded by Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners with physical intimidation, sexual assault, humiliation, alienation, substantial financial losses, and a smear campaign unconscionably centered on her dead child,’ said a representative of Kerr Simpson.”

“We’re looking forward to helping Melissa get justice, not only to reclaim her daughter’s memory but also to hold the Aylo-Ethical Capital Partners Big Porn conglomerate accountable and stop them from continuing to wield their unregulated monopoly power to destroy people’s lives.”

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