Actress Imade Osawaru Calls for FG Support In Film Industry Development

Timileyin Abdulsalam By Timileyin Abdulsalam - Entertainment Reporter
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Imade Osawaru, renowned actress, producer, and CEO of Mademonic Entertainment Production, has articulated her aspirations for the advancement of Nigeria’s movie sector, directing her plea to President Bola Tinubu.

In a discussion with Potpourri, Osawaru shared her vision for the industry should she have the chance to engage directly with the nation’s leader.

Expressing a strategic proposal, she urged the establishment or endorsement of Film Villages spanning Nigeria’s six geo-political zones. These specialized hubs would authentically reflect the cultural tapestry of each region, offering filmmakers convenient access to diverse settings.

Aware of the financial constraints, Osawaru suggested a phased approach, commencing with the construction of a singular Film Village while envisaging subsequent expansions under future administrations.

Beyond infrastructure, Osawaru underscored the imperative of professionalism in acting. Emphasizing the meticulousness required in dialogue delivery and the cultivation of a robust memory, she stressed the actor’s duty to remain well-informed about societal issues.

Her impassioned advocacy positioned acting as a career path demanding patience, diligence, and imaginative prowess. Asserting the significance of confidence, effective self-management, and marketing acumen, she outlined the multifaceted skill set essential for success in the industry.

With a distinguished career that includes notable roles in series such as “King of Kings” and “The Gate Man,” Osawaru’s production company has left a mark with its inaugural feature film, “Fatal Attraction.”

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