23 In-Demand Jobs In Estonia With Work Visas For Foreign Talents 2024

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Estonia currently offers 23 in-demand jobs for skilled foreign workers who are eligible for work visas in 2024.

The country is well-known for its efficient and high acceptance rate for work visa applications, making it the most accessible destination for professionals seeking international opportunities.

What sets Estonia apart is its relatively low number of visa applications compared to other countries. This means that obtaining a work visa in Estonia is much easier and faster than in other places.

This advantage is especially important now as Estonia is facing a shortage of skilled labor. This presents a unique opportunity for foreign experts who are proficient in critical sectors that are experiencing ongoing shortages.

According to Statistics Estonia, there are reportedly 12,040 job vacancies, which is an 8.7% decrease from the previous year.

Despite this decrease, Estonia is still facing workforce shortages in various sectors.

The job market is particularly lacking in certain sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and technology.

In the healthcare sector, there is a high demand for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and healthcare assistants to strengthen Estonia’s medical infrastructure.

The manufacturing industry requires metalworkers, production process controllers, and machinery mechanics to keep the industry running smoothly.

In agriculture, crop farm laborers, livestock specialists, and mobile farm operators play a crucial role in ensuring food security and agricultural prosperity.

The technology sector relies heavily on information and communication technology technicians who drive innovation and progress in Estonia’s digital revolution.

If you are interested in working in Estonia, there are 23 in-demand jobs that can help you obtain a work visa.

  • Wood treaters
  • Specialist medical practitioners
  • Refuse sorters
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Paper products machine operators
  • Nursing professionals
  • Mobile farm and forestry plant operators
  • Mixed crop and livestock labourers
  • Metal production process controllers
  • Messengers, package deliverers, and luggage porters
  • Management and organization analysts
  • Inland and coastal waters fishery workers
  • Information and communication technology operations technicians
  • Hunters and trappers
  • Healthcare assistants
  • General medical practitioners
  • Fishery and aquaculture labourers
  • Electronics engineering technicians
  • Dentists
  • Crop farm labourers
  • Chemical products plant and machine operators
  • Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers

These professions have high salaries, but the average pay varies depending on the field. Estonia is known for being affordable, and the cost of living there is generally lower compared to other European countries.

The cost of living in Estonia is affected by factors like housing choices, personal lifestyle, and spending habits. Knowing these factors can help people understand the financial situation in Estonia and make better decisions.

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